Featured Videos for Album “Blind Spot”

“You Left it Behind” (Official Video | May 2018)

This video The song “You Left It Behind” appears on The Lucky Losers’ third album “Blind Spot” on Dirty Cat Records— a tongue-in-cheek look at forgetfulness and the trials of being on the road.

The Making of “Blind Spot” with Kid Andersen @ Greaseland Studios | April 2018

This video is a close look at the process of making The Lucky Losers’ album “Blind Spot”. Filmed at award winning Greaseland Studios.

Live Performance Video | 2019

“Cathy Lemons’ strong and crystal clear voice and Phil Berkowitz’ rich and mellow pipes blend together like a match made in heaven!”

—Blues Blast Magazine

“Trying to Make a Living”

A classic Bobby Saxon and Early Hooker swing shuffle. Cathy Lemons sings lead.

“Supernatural Blues”

An original, Latin flavored blues written by Phil Berkowitz & Danny Caron. Phil takes the lead with Cathy harmonizing. From the album “Blind Spot”.

“Take the Long Road”

An original, Memphis styled soul | blues written by Cathy Lemons. Cathy Lemons sings lead. From the album “Blind Spot”.

Video from Skyline Studios from 2016

“When an exception comes along, it’s all that more remarkable. They capture the fun and excitement of a bluesy band in a dimly lit bar. And at its core, that’s what modern blues is all about. That Berkowitz is a skilled blues harpist only adds to the enjoyment.”

— Bill Kopp (Writes for Rolling Stone)

So High” with Kid Andersen

An original rock blues duet. Kid Andersen is on guitar. The song is written by Phil Berkowitz & Danny Caron.

“I Can’t Change Ya” with Kid Andersen

An original 2-beat country blues duet written by Cathy Lemons.


A New Orleans styled version of the Johnny Cash & June Carter duet.

More Live Performance Video

“A lot of singers have had the mantle put on them but Cathy Lemons really sounds like she should/could be Bonnie Raitt’s long lost duet partner she never sang with” — Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Hip Check Man’

A John Lee Hooker boogie blues written by Cathy Lemons. Cathy sings lead.

Rancho 1.jpg

“No Good Lover”

A 2-beat Rockabilly duet that Mickey & Sylvia made famous in 1960.

In Any Town”

An original Americana blues ballad written by Cathy Lemons—with Kid Andersen on guitar.

Video Montages

Not since the pairing of Johnny Cash and June Carter has the music world seen a duet that is this well suited for one another

— Bill Wilson, Reflections In Blue

Montage| Allan Toussaint Tribute

From “Life Love & Faith” Allen Toussaint Tribute at The Freight and Salvage | Feb 4 2016. Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz sing "What is Success," "Ruler of My Heart, "Ride Your Pony," "Sinner Girl," and more New Orleans classics.

Montage | “In Any Town”

The Lucky Losers perform various tracks from their critically acclaimed second album, "In Any Town". Watch the highlights of "Jackson," "I Can't Change Ya", "So High", and "It Ain't Enough".

Montage | Live from Fenix

From a live performance at Fenix in San Rafael, CA July 2, 2015. Special guest: Volker Strifler on guitar. This is the first video The Lucky Losers made.