The Lucky Losers serve up a road warrior's tale within a soulful '60s retro sound on their third album, Blind Spot. Produced by Kid Andersen. Featuring Annie Staninec, Nancy Wright, and Laura Chavez.

Blind Spot | Physical CD
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“The Bay Area has known many top-notch bands over the years and this outfit is no exception. The real selling point is how well these two relate to each other musically, and how tunefully they play off each other’s strengths. Whether solo vocals backed by the other, or duets, they are a match made in heaven. Like Cathy’s (if Tina Turner and Bonnie Raitt had a baby) soulful solo on “Take the Long Road” backed by Phil’s tasty harp, or Phil’s blues radio hit “Alligator Baptism”, a vintage Fabulous Thunderbirds meets Curtis Mayfield romp with Cathy helping out on the chorus, they each more than hold their own. But when they get together on tunes like “Make A Right Turn” it’s Dan Hick’s and the Hot Licks time… a main stream hit for sure. This is the high point of the album…. ‘Blind Spot’ is the modern-day blues album.”
Blues Blast Magazine, Steve Gabe, August 9, 2018