The Lucky Losers serve up a road warrior's tale within a soulful '60s retro sound on their third album, Blind Spot. Produced by Kid Andersen. Featuring Annie Staninec, Nancy Wright, and Laura Chavez.

Blind Spot | Physical CD
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Between the catchy lyrics, the impeccable arrangements, the flawless musicianship and the chemistry that Lemons & Berkowitz share, it is hard to imagine anything less than a masterful performance from this dynamic duo. Blind Spot has a distinct 60’s feel with the odd twists and turns we have come to expect and to love.

Drawing from a deeply rooted knowledge of blues in all of its many forms from the traditional to primal, R&B, funk, soul, big bands and more, the band takes us along with them on the journey as they wind their way cross-country, carrying their message of love, peace and hope.
Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blues, May 2018