On May 18 2018, Cathy and Phil continued their winning streak with award-winning producer/ engineer, Kid Andersen, and released their third album, “Blind Spot.” The album is solely comprised of original material created by Cathy and Phil alongside their multi-talented songwriting partner, Danny Caron (Charles Brown). “Blind Spot” features scintillating musical contributions from six-time Blues Music Award nominated guitarist, Kid Andersen, IBMA Momentum Award winning violinist Annie Staninec (Rod Stewart), 2018 BMA nominated saxophonist, Nancy Wright, and Laura Chavez (Nikki Hill), who is listed as one of Guitar Player Magazine’s "Top 50 Sensational Female Guitarists”. 

“Blind Spot” is a road warrior’s tale. The album is a primal call to awareness in the eye of an irresistible storm. Caught between hope and catastrophe, The Lucky Losers take a fearless ride into the unknown, witnessing the good, bad, and ugly of contemporary America through a fractured rear-view mirror. Traveling through a winding soundscape of modern blues, vintage R&B, and Americana, “Blind Spot” presents unvarnished testimony to the fragile and fleeting state of our world. From “The River’s” redemptive embrace of love, to the erosion of human dignity in “Alligator Baptism,” to the “do or die” determination of “Take the Long Road” and “It's Never too Early,” The Lucky Losers express the challenges they face as they try to maintain a firm grasp on the wheel as they negotiate with chaos.

Phil Berkowitz says, “When people hear this album, they will be reminded of Willie Mitchell's Hi Records, as well as Stax. We went to great lengths to make our album sound like it came from that late '60’s and early '70’s era. We were going for that warm, live, Memphis sound with all that great, spontaneous ensemble playing. We also drew heavily from early '70’s psychedelic soul. When you hear 'Alligator Baptism,' for example, artists like Curtis Mayfield might come to mind.  You will hear all the percussion, the horns, the harmonies, the street-wise stories, etc. But that is just one facet of our diverse style. We also love electric Americana pioneers like J.J. Cale. And you will hear plenty of blues in the mix.”

“Phil and I have traveled some of the loneliest highways in America to bring our music to the people,” says Cathy Lemons. “And in all those travels what we see is a kind of distraction everywhere--almost to the point of madness. I feel so overwhelmed by all this frantic information pouring in from my phone, from the news, from tragic headlines. Now that can be a funny or it can be deadly. For example, in a song we wrote called 'You Left it Behind' we talk about losing our wallets, our keys, our passports, our clothes--on the road. But on the other side of the slapstick comedy there is the dark side. 'Last Ride' is about the mass shootings, the natural disasters, and all the divisiveness we are seeing right now in America. This album, as a whole, takes on both the light and dark side of the American dream. You know, being free to do what you want. And ultimately these songs are about a time in our history when we as human beings are feeling this separation from real experience. It's as if we are seeing life through a screen.”


Berkowitz sings with straight forward feeling and burns on harp with particular fervor. Trading off solos they stand shoulder to shoulder and feed off one another, their strong bond and happiness wonderfully apparent…These are fresh, irresistible melodies…. Lemons voice is beautiful—simultaneously soothing and commanding…The Lucky Losers and all their guest players is spot-on, punchy, and clear…. They Simply can’t lose with their take on down-home, joyful, blues-drenched, blues-rocking.
— Blues Music Magazine, Tom Clarke, October 2018


An antidote to the multitude of emotionally vacant singers, San Jose, California’s Cathy Lemons sounds genuinely wise, gritty, tender, wounded, and flirtatious, sometimes all at once. Fortunate to have harmonica champ, Phil Berkowitz, as her partner in songwriting and singing, she crystallizes her creative resolve to put across a program of smart, likeable originals, that sport winning riffs. Refreshingly mixing rock, blues, R&B, soul, and a dash of country, The Losers lean on technique and spirit equally. Special mention: Laura Chavez’s stirring lead guitar on Supernatural Blues.”
— Downbeat, Frank John Hadley, August 2018


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The Lucky Losers are a five piece band from San Francisco headed up by vocalist Cathy Lemons and vocalist/ harmonica player Phil Berkowitz.

Their music is a throwback to the hybrid of soul, blues, rock, gospel, and country that emerged in the late 1960’s - with gorgeous harmonies reminiscent of Delaney and Bonnie. Since the band’s formation in 2014, The Lucky Losers have released three chart topping albums produced at award-winning Greaseland Studios with Kid Andersen. Their first album “A Winning Hand” made the Roots Music Report’s “Top Blues Albums of 2015,” and their 2nd Album, "In Any Town," was nominated for seven awards, five of which were Independent Blues Awards.  Their 3rd Greaseland album, “Blind Spot” was released in May of 2018 and has garnered them some excellent reviews from Downbeat Magazine, Blues Music Magazine, Living Blues, Blues Blast, Blues News Germany, and many more. In support of the album, The Lucky Losers completed both a 15 state/26 venue North American tour in the Spring and an Eastern Seaboard tour in the Fall of 2018. They appeared on WGN TV/ Midday News in Chicago in front of millions of viewers and also performed to a packed house in Chicago at Buddy Guy's Legends. Their new video "You Left it Behind" premiered on American Blues Scene in July of 2018. "Blind Spot" has been on the Roots Music Report's "Top 50 Blues Albums" for 26 weeks!   



Cathy Lemons, originally from Dallas, TX, has been described as “the finest light skinned blues singer in the U.S.!” by Real Blues.

Cathy has mesmerized audiences for over 25 years and has performed with some of the great names in blues, including Anson Funderburg, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Lee Hooker (Cathy was John Lee Hooker's send-off singer and completed several national tours in 1987), Steve Freund, Anthony Paule, David Maxwell, Ron Thompson and Tommy Castro (Tommy Castro is on two of Cathy's Albums).

She has three albums to her credit: “Dark Road”/2000, “Lemonace”/Vizztone/2010, and “Black Crow/Vizztone/2014, which was listed by Blues Matters in the U.K. as one of the “Top 10 Blues Album of 2014.”


New Jersey native, Phil Berkowitz,"has earned renown as one of the West Coast’s most distinctive harp players, as well as for his sharp, resonant tenor." (Living Blues). For over 20 years Phil has brought his energetic and refined musical style to American audiences and has produced 2 critically acclaimed albums, “Louis’ Blues”/2005 and “All Night Party”/2009. 

Phil has collaborated with a range of premiere musicians, such as 2011 International Blues Challenge (IBC) winner Sean Carney, 2014 IBC winner for “Best Guitar” Ben Rice, Duke Robillard, Billy Branch, and most notable, Charles Brown’s former bandleader and guitarist, Danny Caron with whom he currently co-writes his songs.








Also, as one listens to this album, you can’t help but enjoy the duets between Cathy and Phil, something that has become a lost art on the contemporary scene for a long time. The rough-hewn vocal delivery of Cathy Lemons paired with the suave hipness of Phil Berkowitz’s make these two perfect for each other, and for us fans, too. “In Any Town” is a fine sophomore effort, with strong vocals, material, and musicianship that guarantees something for everyone!
Not unleashing all their goods on their impressive debut, the Losers are back with a dark end of the street sounding set that fuses contemporary blues and soul into the tastiest mix you could hope to find. With incredible blue eyed soul dripping off all the edges, all topped off with a closing track that takes “Small Town Talk” to new heights while keeping the Charles/Danko core undisturbed, this is a must for the boomer that would still like to buy records that mean something and are full of feeling. Hot stuff.
CHRIS SPECTER, Midwest Record, July 1st, 2016
Cathy Lemons’ strong and crystal clear voice and Phil Berkowitz’ rich and mellow pipes blend together like a match made in heaven….I can’t say enough good things about this CD. Everything fits exactly into place like it was meant to be. Musicianship and production values are of the highest quality. You just can’t miss with this one, your record collection deserves it.
GREG "BLUESDOG" SZALONY Blues Blast Magazine, October 1, 2015
Joining their voices for the first time on disc, San Franciscans Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz have come up with a winning formula in a band they call “The Lucky Losers.” Their harmonies are particularly fine … (Lemons’) swinging “Suicide by Love” … features her singing along in the unique conversational manner that helps set her apart from other vocalists performing today….Berkowitz blows outstanding harmonica solos throughout.
LEE HILDEBRAND, Living Blues: Issue No. 238/Volume 46, #4, August 2015
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Cathy Lemons


Phil Berkowitz
Vocals & Harmonica


Ian Lamson

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Robi Bean

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Mike "Pops" Phillips

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Chris Burns

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#6 on The Living Blues Chart July 2016

#2 on The Roots Music Report's "Top 50 California Albums"
#3 on
The Roots Music Report's "Top 50 Blues Rock Albums"
#10 on
The Roots Music Report's "Top 50 Blues Albums"

Give Me A Sign reached #11 on "Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart"
It Ain't Enough reached #15 on "Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart"
In Any Town reached #17 on "Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart"
Devil's Dream reached #23 on "Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart"
Give Me A Sign reached #24 on "Top 50 Blues Song Chart"
Small Town Talk reached #25 on "Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart"
So High reached #29 on "Top 50 Blues Song Chart"
Jackson reached #30 on "Top 50 Blues Rock Song Chart"

#1 CD on Blues 411 Radio - September 26th

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Charted to #5 on The Roots Music Report's "Top 50 Blues Albums" for Summer 2015 and #1 on Blues 411's "A Baker's Dozen of Blues".

Nominated by Chef Jimi Patricola for the "Best Traditional Album" Jimi Award.

Landed the cover and a five page spread in the November 2015 issue of French magazine, Blues and Co. 

Featured in On The Radar from the globally popular, "The Alternate Root". 

Our original song, Change In The Weather was chosen by Dan Akroyd (Elwood Blues) as "BluesBreaker of the Week" for the internationally syndicated "Bluesmobile/Everything Blues" radio show. 

Highlighted by Richard L’Hommedieu (king of the “Indie Blues” movement) on “Making a Scene", the #1 independent blues radio show on the internet. 

Received rave reviews and articles from Living Blues, Elmore, Classicalite, Blues Matters, Blues Blast, Blues Bytes, and more.

Secured interviews and/or performances on KALW's Fog City Blues in San Francisco, KKFI Wendy Radio in Kansas City, 90.1 FM "Howlin' The Blues" in Houston, Al Ross' "Spectrum West" 88.7 WRFW FM in Madison, KZUM 89.3 "Highway Blues" with Al Lundy in Lincoln, and more.