4 out of 5 Stars

An ANTIDOTE to the multitude of emotionally vacant singers, San Jose, California’s Cathy Lemons sounds genuinely wise, gritty, tender, wounded, and flirtatious, sometimes all at once. Fortunate to have harmonica champ Phil Berkowitz as her partner in songwriting and singing, she crystallizes her creative resolve to put across a program of smart, likeable originals, that sport winning riffs. Refreshingly mixing rock, blues, R&B, soul, and a dash of country, The Losers lean on technique and spirit equally. Special mention: Laura Chavez’s stirring lead guitar on Supernatural Blues.
— DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE | Frank John Hadley | August 2018
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(Phil) Berkowitz sings with straight forward feeling and burns on harp with particular fervor. Trading off solos they stand shoulder to shoulder and feed off one another, their strong bond and happiness wonderfully apparent…These are fresh, irresistible melodies…. (Cathy) Lemons voice is beautiful—simultaneously soothing and commanding…The Lucky Losers and all their guest players is spot-on, punchy, and clear…. They Simply can’t lose with their take on down-home, joyful, blues-drenched, blues-rocking.
— BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE | Tom Clarke | October 2018
5 1/2 out of 6 Stars
The album is so strong overall that it’s hard to pick something out, but it’s especially good when Lemons and Berkowitz sing in duet. ‘Blind Spot’ is described by the record company as ‘60’s retro sound,’ but that falls short. The eleven original compositions go far beyond virtuosity and great humor and turn the album into something which brings absolute, timeless fun. Music loving people will find this album very dear to the heart.
— BLUES NEWS GERMANY | Issue # 92 | June 2018
A seamless melding of blues, soul, and Americana styles, coupled with introspective songwriting. Berkowitz has earned renown as one of the West Coast’s most distinctive harp players, as well as for his sharp, resonant tenor. Lemons is a recovering addict who blogs freely about her previous life on the other side of the tracks… “Blind Spot” serves up an energetic palate of modern blues by a pair of talented musicians who also possess an eye for clever and thoughtful songwriting.
— LIVING BLUES | Rod Evans | Issue June |July #255
Whether solo vocals backed by the other, or duets, they are a match made in heaven. Like Cathy’s (if Tina Turner and Bonnie Raitt had a baby) soulful solo on “Take the Long Road” backed by Phil’s tasty harp, or Phil’s blues radio hit “Alligator Baptism”, a vintage Fabulous Thunderbirds meets Curtis Mayfield romp with Cathy helping out on the chorus, they each more than hold their own. But when they get together on tunes like “Make A Right Turn” it’s Dan Hick’s and the Hot Licks time… a main stream hit for sure. This is the high point of the album…. ‘Blind Spot’ is the modern-day blues album.
— BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE | Steve Gabe | August 9, 2018
The Lucky Losers Triumph with ‘Blind Spot’! The Lucky Losers got tight by touring. A lot. Their website has a map of where they’ve played, and it’s got more pins dropped than a tailor riding a mechanical bull. The relentless road work has created a cohesiveness between Berkowitz and Lemons that comes through the music the moment you hear it...The Lucky Losers are tight. But that’s not all they are. They’re also musical. Their extensive performance schedule has given them a familiarity that allows them to execute their big, polished pop in a way very few bands could manage.
— AMERICAN BLUES SCENE | Steven Ovadia | July 12, 2018
Eleven songs give shape to an appealing album where, besides the just mentioned Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz who combine and alternate on vocals, you will also find Ian Lamson on guitars, Chris Burns on keyboards, Endre Tarczy on bass and Robi Bean on drums, (and) musicians like Kid Andersen and Laura Chavez on guitar, Annie Staninec on violin, plus a powerful and well-matched horn section which help to give an undeniable strength to an already brilliant repertoire. GREAT.
— EL HORA DEL BLUES | Vincent Zumel, June 2018
Guarantees a feast of vocals and sharp-witted rhythms … their third album, ‘Blind Spot’ has a retro feel …. We are not travelling through the flat lands of one twelve bar tune after another. Lemons & Berkowitz know how to make the sound a fascinating listen.
— BLUES MATTERS | Issue 2013 | UK
As a band you are nevertheless blessed when you have two top soul singers …. And the voices of this pair fit together exactly as in the past with other soul duos like Billy Vera and Judy Clay… The Lucky Losers is a band in which all elements are spot on. Songs and instruments all exude a very authentic and impressive soul sound.
— BLUES MAGAZINE | Peter Marinus | June 2018 | Netherlands
The album features 11 original compositions that explore various facets of their life’s journey …their vocal duet approach presents the songs with passion and finesse.
— CASHBOX MAGAZINE | David Bowling | June 2018
The Lucky Losers’ advice is to stay on the road and surround yourself with good people. The Lucky Losers have done so. They are the cream and will begin their own rise to the top with this fabulous new recording.
— MAKING A SCENE | Richard Ludmerer | May 18 2018
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Gritty and funky …. Most of their songs are built around their strong vocals, either duet or solo, and a devotion to the ‘60’s/’70’s Stax/Volt/Hi Records sound. They do that exceptionally well, including a vein of the psychedelic blues that came along at that point, and lots of modern, electric grooves.
— CBC RADIO 1 IN NEW BRUNSWICK | CANADA | Bob Mersereau | June 2018
Not only did they write all the songs, but they’ve got that bluesy rock thing figured out, and when it’s necessary (as it often is), Berkowitz plays a bad-ass harmonica. On that endless, mindless and senseless road trip, these two discuss life on the move on ‘Make A Right Turn,’ which also explains what happened to this country, now controlled by a crooked developer leading a crime family and beholden to the democracy-hating GOP donor class. Just as you can’t hide anyone in a duo, this is the best boy/girl act I can remember since Jeff Turmes and Janiva Magness. Pass on these Losers and it’s your loss.
— ROCKNROLL CALL | Bill Locey| June 19, 2018