©12/1/2014/ Phil Berkowitz /Danny Caron, BMI/ASCAP

I need a small devotion of your time
To love and honor for just one minute
‘Cuz I aint’ asking for anything more
Than anybody’s high falootin’ standard of forgiveness

Can you feel a change in the weather
Makin’ clouds around your heart
A chance to dance around the subject
For the sake of playing a part

Get back in the rat race
Get it done in our own way
Live for this one moment
Live for one more day

As the rain starts to pour on down
Down into the drain of twisted sorrow
The weeds will start to grow among the flowers
That we planted in hopes of a better tomorrow

Can you feel a change in the weather
There’s a storm around the bend
Try to reel it in before too long
We’re gonna make it in the end

Send our songs through the mail
To see what might unfold
Waiting for that moment
For our story to be told

Oh why, oh why are the in-between notes
Always so damned hard to get
‘Cuz you know you gotta have ’em sometimes
And that’s why it’s gonna take a little sweat

So now it’s time to take the center stage
Give the people what they want but do not know
You can dance & sing or write your own damn song
‘Cuz we all get to star in our own show

Can you feel a change in the weather
Makin’ clouds around your heart
A chance to dance around the subject
For the sake of playing a part

Get back in the rat race
Get it done in our own way
Live for this one moment
Live for one more day



© 2/6/2015 Cathy Lemons/BMI

Woke up this morning
Got no use for it
Aint got ono reason to carry on

Got a crazy talkin’ in my head
Sayin’ I should let it all fall down

Wait a minute, baby close the door
Sit yourself right down
You gotta hear every last word I got to say to you
Let me clear up all your doubts

I’m gonna lay down my cards
I don’t think that you’re gonna keep up
I’m out a time, and I’m runnin’ behind
So I’m bettin’ all I got

On a winning hand!
I need a wining hand! Ya, I! Yes I do!

I been walkin’ straight up a hill
I swear by god most a my life
I got a stone around my neck
Still walkin’ up a straight line

Baby that rock you got hangin’ round your neck
It’s all in your head don’t you know it’s true

You just a little bit scared, but that ain’t too bad, babe
Something good is gonna happen to you

I seen your cards, baby, yes I have
‘Cause I seen that twitch in your left eye
I got the Queen, but you got the King and the Jack
Together we might fly!
With a winning hand!
We got a winning hand! Ya I, yes we do!

I can’t work no farm no factory
Lord knows I ain’t gonna suit up
I guess I lie to myself
This game is all I got

Wouldn’t you like to see the look in their green little eyes
When we finally make it to the top
We’ll be looking down on that dirty little town
So baby keep tryin’ don’t you never give up

Lord let me die with a hammer in my hand
Takin’ a crack at this crazy dream
I know I’m a loser
But my luck is in being alive
Nothing is how it seems
We got a winning hand! Ya I
We got a winning hand! Ya I! Yes we do!



© 7/1/2014 Cathy Lemons/BMI

When I was a girl I had to see the other side
It almost killed me, I barely survived
Do what you LOVE and do it well
Hope that it KILLS you, let it take you to hell

I lived in neighborhood right downtown
All the folks were getting’ down
I was drinkin’ and druggin’ oh so well
I had my portrait taken, at the city jail

Suicide by drink
Suicide by drug
Suicide by gamblin’
Suicide by love

I don’t mind dyin’ if I can hear the whistle sing
I don’t care about money, don’t care about fame
I’ll gamble it all on a nickel and a nail
You have to admit I been doing it well

I want to hear the siren sing a last song
Got to taste lightnin’ before it’s all gone
Baby make me scream, make me wail and moan
Shake my body and rock me to the bone

Suicide by drink
Suicide by drug
Suicide by gamblin’
Suicide by love

Well I’m done with devil, done with dyin itself
I died so many times, ain’t much a me left
I’m traveling light as I can be
Ain’t a man alive, dare to judge me

If I climb back up on my feet this time
I swear to God, I’ll walk a straight line
But straight to me is crooked as a nail
Depends how you see it — and from what corner of hell

Suicide by drink
Suicide by drug
Suicide by gamblin’
Suicide by love


Dylan, Bob/ Special Rider

What was it you wanted?
Tell me again so I’ll know
What’s happening in there
What’s going on in your show

What was it you wanted
Could you say it again?
I’ll be back in a minute
You can get it together by then

What was it you wanted
You can tell me, I’m back
We can start it all over
Get it back on the track

You got my attention
Go ahead, speak
What was it you wanted
When you were kissing my cheek?

Was there somebody lookin’
When you give me that kiss
Someone there in the shadows
Someone that I might have missed?

Is there something you needed
Something I don’t understand
What was it you wanted
Do I have it here in my hand?

Whatever you wanted
Slipped out of my mind
Would you remind me again
If you’d be so kind

Has the record been breaking
Did the needle just skip
Is there somebody waiting
Was there a slip of the lip?

What was it you wanted
I ain’t keeping score
Are you the same person
That was here before?

Is it something important?
Maybe not
What was it you wanted?
Tell me again I forgot

Whatever you wanted
What could it be
Did somebody tell you
That you could get it from me

Is it something comes natural
Is it easy to say
Why do you want it
Who are you anyway?

Is the scenery changing
Am I getting it wrong
Is the whole thing going backwards
Are they playing our song?

Where were you when it started
Do you want it for free
What was it you wanted
Are you talking to me?



©7/1/2014/ Phil Berkowitz/ Danny Caron, BMI/ASCAP

If you let others take you for a ride
Someday you will surely go astray
I may have been dealt a losing hand
But they are still my own cards to play
I’ve been tryin’ so hard to love you, baby
But you see, I’ve got to love myself
‘Cuz I’ve given up pretendin’, little girl
To be somebody else

Well, it’s a long hard road (3X)
If you want to sing these blues

I set out on my own (lemmee tell ya)
I sure didn’t know what I would find
But (I knew) something was missing in life
So I decided to leave it all behind
Now I’m standing at the front door
Without no key to let me in
Seems no matter how hard I try
I just can’t ever win

Well, it’s a long hard road (3X)
If you want to sing these blues

When you’re standing there stripped & naked
And there ain’t nobody else around
Ain’t no way that you can fake it
And it seems you just can’t put it down
‘Til you lay your burden down (lay it down, now)

Waking up at the break of dawn
With that after-taste of cheap red wine
I’ve been drinkin’ from that ol’ cup so much
Think I’ll take a long tall drink of sunshine
I’ll walk out in the cold … just a mile or so
(I can see) my feet still planted on the ground
Guess I’ll pick myself up from where I got off
Just before the turnaround

Well, it’s a long hard road (3X)
If you want to sing these blues

Gotta walk a straight line down that old hard road … if I’m gonna sing some blues


© 08/13/2014 Cathy Lemons, BMI

Well he was from Detroit City
I met him through a friend a mine
He moved in with the girl next door
She wasn’t no friend a mine
She had red hair
And her papa used to sleep on the couch
He had a thang with alcohol
I could hear him screen at night

He was from Detroit City
He was long and lean
He was a junk man, lord
Ah that’s when I liked ’em mean

Ya he wanted me bad
I could hear him talk through the walls
She used to say to him
The red haired girl
I know she don’t pay no bills
Why do you like that woman next door
She ain’t got no money
I thought you said she’d pay your bills
Ah something feels funny


I let him move in my place
We used to have a real good time
We used to shake the walls down
Sometime I could hear Red cryin
I can still hear her in my head
Oh lord the things she said

She said that girl don’t pay no bills
She ain’t even got a stone dime
Ah you left here boy
You left me cryin

Woh lord he was from Detroit
He had a junk habit baby
He was real man
And back then we sho didn’t have many

He had blonde hair blue yes
And he was long and lean
And everything he said to me
I swear by god he didn’t mean


He used to meet me at the bus stop
When I’d get home from my bad job
He used to carry me through the door
Lay me on the floor


He used to say we would make it
If it wasn’t for the junk man lord
Got to where we couldn’t fake it
I couldn’t take no more
He didn’t pay no bills
Stole everything around

I can hear the words from Red
Lord she said he gonna take you down

He was from Detroit City
He was from Detroit City
Lord he had everybody around
Eatin from his hand

In a small town down south (break down)
Had everybody down

He stole my TV (Pick back up)
He stole my refrigerator
He stole everything he could get his hands on
That’s when I broke his glass reindeer

All the glass was on the floor
Saw the tears in his eyes
I said “Pick up your life and get out”
I think the man was cryin

He was from Detroit city
Came down to a small town
He had us all goin crazy
Lahd, Big city man

“He was from Detroit”
Smooth talker
Smoooooth talker
Ya I remember him
He’s dead now.


© 1/1/2014 Phil Berkowitz/ Danny Caron, BMI/ASCAP

Are you happy to remember only spare parts from your past
That will only get you so far down the road?

For if you choose to see the whole truth, including all it’s lies
Then all your memories will easily unfold

Be strong, don’tcha stumble
Find the light within the dark
For there-in lies the wisdom of your soul
Be a king … without a queen
Learn to love the in-between
The better half, of what you share, can make you whole

Can you see your train a-comin’, it’s a-rollin’ down the track
It’s already left the station, now there ain’t no turnin’ back

Can you hear that whistle blowin’, it may feel like a warning sign
For the past exists only in your mind

Be strong, don’tcha lose it
Don’tcha know it’s gonna take some time
For new found petals to unfold

Be here, stay focused
Don’t lose your rhythm or your rhyme
There’s still many miles to go, before you’re old

Cogs will start to seize up and gears begin to grind
From the wheels that keep a spinnin’ in your mind
A good machine can get rusty, if you fail to check deep down inside
Just look hard once or twice and you will find

That you’re strong, you just can’t lose
If you dare to take the chance
Forget your broken dreams and learn to fly
You may be weary, but no less wise

As you start to realize
You’ll never know, until you give it, one more try

One more try
One more try
One more try
One more try